from Flash Fiction Stories:

Hair Trigger 2.0, “Coraly’s Revenge” (Winter 2017)
Barrelhouse, “Lumpy” (Winter 2014)
Southern Indiana Review, “Previews” (Spring 2006)

from Memory Sickness, and Other Stories:
Confrontation, “The Manhattan Project” (Spring 2008)
Porcupine, “The Ballad of John Gray” (Fall 2007)
Portland Review, “Four Hundred and One” (Spring 2007)
Massachusetts Review, “Man Bites Dog” (Spring 2007)
Phoebe, “The Good China” (Spring 2006)
AGNI, “Memory Sickness” (Spring 2006)
Inkwell, “The Opposite of Gray” (Spring 2006)
Southern Indiana Review, “Death of an Ironist” (Spring 2006)
Southern Indiana Review, “Body Art” (Spring 2006)
Meridian, “220 Nickels” (Spring 2006)
Florida Review, “Made in Taiwan” (Spring 2006)

Anthologized Stories:
Inheriting the War: Poetry and Prose by Descendents of Vietnam Veterans and Refugees, “The Wheel of History” (2017)
Kansas City Noir, “The Pendergast Musket” (2012)

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